Prague – Czech Republic 

The history of Prague's Bodeguita doesn't begin until 17 December 2002 – sixty years since the opening of La Bodeguita in Havana. 

It can be said that from the very beginning, La Bodeguita lives a rich social and cultural life, making it possible to meet known and unknown faces here. The aromas and tastes of Cuban foods meld here, of juicy steaks and fresh fish, Caribbean cocktails, the aroma of Cuban cigars, the rhythms of live Cuban music, along with the authentic atmosphere of one of Havana's most famous pubs, whose fame has long since travelled far beyond the Cuban island's borders. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with the signatures and photos of famous people from politics, show business, sports and other areas of public life. 

"La Bodeguita del Medio" 

  • in the very centre of the city
  • has a unique interior
  • exudes the famous atmosphere of its predecessor in Havana
  • its interior is decorated with artefacts from Cuba and other exotic countries
  • the walls of the Bodeguita are beset with various pictures, photos and signatures of guests
  • all the furniture, both bars including several humidors, are all made from fine Indonesian wood
  • the Bodeguita's interior is divided into several independent areas
  • the facility makes use of both the ground floor, where the cocktail bar is located, and the cellar, where the restaurant is located
  • sidewalk tables in Kaprova St. shaded by retractable sunshades provide seating for 32
  • La Bodeguita del Medio has the capacity to seat and serve up to 260 guests


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